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Megatrends that matter to cross-border business
Governance and leadership in the 21st Century
Regional / country markets
Money, finance, payments and capital flows
Management challenges / best practices for the cross-border

The changing nature of competition and competitive advantage
Global companies and national governments
Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurialism, startups and international markets
Technology and innovation: game changers and disrupters
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June 12, 2014:  Digital Disruption in Banking: Do Connected Consumers Want ATMs in the Cloud?
Guest: Accenture’s Dave Helin talks about its just-released survey of 4,000 US and Canada retail banking customers and how cloud computing is changing the game.
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Megatrends that matter to cross-border business
The business and politics of sustainability
· Climate change
· The intersection of water, energy and food

Energy & Sustainability: Clean(er) Coal – Can that Myth become a Reality?
Guest: Robin Eves and Ignacio Ponce de Leon, respectively the CEO and COO of Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (CCT) talk about how their company's Pristine / Pristine-M technology can make coal more efficient, less polluting & more cost-effective.

The Urban Energy Revolution: Green Cities mean Green Opportunities
Guest: Dr. Stephen Hammer of MIT, an expert on urban energy planning, much in-demand consultant for numerous governments, corporations, non-profits, and NGOs, talks about strategic energy planning.

Oil and Water and Renewable Energy: Roadmap to a Less Hydrocarbon Dependent Society
Guest: Texas oilman, David Vletas

The Global Business & Politics of Water: A Crisis of Supply? Or a Crisis Born of Bad Management and Poor Policy Choices?
Guest: Albert F. (Al) Appleton, internationally renowned water expert

Environmental Due Diligence: Super Lawyer Highlights Precautions that are Essential in International and Multinational Agreements
Guest: Jon Schuyler Brooks, Partner, Phillips Nizer LLP

The Catch 22 of Energy vs. Water
Guest: Professor Barry Wauldron, University of Michigan
· Reshaping the income pyramid
· Urbanization

Mass Urbanization in Emerging Economies: How This Global Megatrend Will Change Your Business
Guest: Guillaume Corpart, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence
"Worldview" and economic growth
· Austerity vs prosperity economics
· Economic justice versus income inequality
· Future of capitalism
· Future of democracy(ies)

The Economic Power of Social Impact Financing and Pay-for-Success Models to Develop Human Capital
Guest: Robert H. Dugger, Founder & Managing Partner, Hanover Investment Group, LLC Co-founder, ReadyNation

A World Awash In Debt: What the U.S., Europe and their Chinese Enablers Need to Do to Refloat their Economies
Guest: Charles Kolb, President of the French-American Foundation; former Director of the Committee for Economic Development

Positioning Your Portfolio for 2014: An interview with Wells Fargo Advisors' Chief International Strategist)
Guests: Paul Christopher is the chief international strategist for Wells Fargo Advisors will share his forecasts for the world's leading economies, currencies and commodities-and their potential impact.

Prescription for Long-term Sustainable Growth: Shared Prosperity versus Austerity Economics
Guest: Charles Kolb, President of the French-American Foundation & Nate Loewentheil of Yale, co-author of "Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All."
Big data versus privacy
Spotlight on Privacy and Information Security Risk - What Every Business Needs to Know
Guest: Kirk Nahra, Partner, Wiley Rein LLP in Washington, D.C., Chair, Privacy Practice; Co-chair, Health Care Practice

Take the "Loyalty Leap" - How to Build Unwavering Customer Loyalty While Navigating the Minefields of Privacy
Guest: Bryan Pearson, LoyaltyOne